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Technical plants and systems, fast trains and construction equipment generate vibrations. You should not feel these nor should your building and the sensitive equipment inside it be damaged by these – we only let the “good vibrations” through.

We are experts in the measurement of vibrations and develop and monitor foundations, supports and protective measures.


The most common sources of vibrations are rail traffic, road traffic, construction work, industrial activities and blasting.

These are transmitted to different degrees depending on the geological conditions and create vibration immissions in nearby buildings and expose them to low-frequency airborne sound.

Depending on the intensity and dose, vibrations can impair the sense of well-being and even lead to health effects on the human body.
Vibrations can cause shifting and cracks in buildings, potentially endangering both the usability and stability of the building.

Specialized planning, verification and monitoring of vibration-producing processes and systems is therefore required in order to protect people, buildings and vibration-sensitive systems. Vibrations must be prevented as a cause of damage to buildings and as a disturbance and source of danger for people.

We are specialists in the following areas:

  • Site surveys for planned buildings
  • Forecast calculations and design of active and passive measures for vibration protection
  • Surveys in buildings with external or internal vibrations and assessment of vibrations according to DIN 4150 in terms of their effect on people and buildings
  • Consulting in the preparation of vibration-sensitive or vibration-producing plants and systems
  • Monitoring of vibration-sensitive plants and systems including alarm activation when intermittent vibrations from construction sites or blasting activities are detected