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Home is the place where we find refuge. Some people like to relax, others enjoy listening to music. In hospitals we want to be able to have confidential conversations with doctors. At the office we want to work creatively and with focus.

This requires forward-looking architectural acoustics planning that best meets your individual needs and personal goals based on precise sound insulation calculations.


Quiet in living rooms and bedrooms, at workplaces, in hotels and hospitals – in other words, quiet in places where people live, work and reside – has a significant impact on our sense of well-being, our performance and our ability to relax and recover.

Sound insulation requirements adapted to a building’s use and their implementation in planning and technical construction work are a crucial aspect for the comfort and satisfaction of users and our clients.

Our services begin with the analysis of user conditions and the listing of acoustic requirements. We prepare detailed structural components with a special focus on cost effectiveness and practical building optimization measures while considering the latest technical developments, which we advance with our own surveys and tests. We monitor the implementation of the measures and their success using metrological tests.

In addition to conventional architectural acoustics, we support our clients in many specialized fields.

We are specialists in the following areas:

  • Use-optimized sound insulation and cost effectiveness
  • Proof of adequate sound insulation that complies with civil and public law requirements
  • Sound insulation of exterior structural elements
  • Noise abatement in elevator systems
  • Sound insulation of sanitary installations
  • Structure-borne sound decoupled setup of building systems, including forecasts of the achievable structure-borne sound insulation using simulation calculations
  • Development of highly sound-absorbing structures in medical engineering and for technical equipment and systems
  • Measurements of architectural acoustics as an Association of Material Testing Institutes (VMPA) certified testing center according to DIN 4109