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We are specialists for pianissimo at operas, speaker layout in concert halls and audibility in theaters – and we are just as passionate about this as we are about the comprehensibility of emergency announcements at airports, exhibition centers, train stations and in tunnels.

Through the use of select materials in a targeted layout and electroacoustics planning services we ensure that you not only hear, but also understand.

In fact, you can “listen in” to your planned space before it is even built. Auralizations make our planning audible as early as the design stage.


Electroacoustics and room acoustics must be planned together. This is obvious for theaters, concert halls, opera houses and large auditoriums. But who has not been annoyed by incomprehensible announcements at train stations and airports because they could not understand important information?

Electroacoustic systems do more than just optimize audibility in large rooms or create special acoustic effects; they also ensure that emergency announcements are easy to understand at train stations, airports, exhibition centers, in train or motorway tunnels and in public buildings.

Integral processing is required in order to ensure optimization of the technical solutions and the cost-effectiveness of the package of measures. Engineering calculations and acoustic simulation calculations are used to optimize the acoustics.

We are specialists in the following areas:

  • Calculation and verification (proof), e.g. using acoustic simulation calculations, of key parameters for room acoustics and electroacoustics such as clarity, precision, focus time, reverberation time, speech transmission index, CIS and articulation loss, reverberant energy level, lateral efficiency and volume
  • Proof of compliance with the special use requirements for areas with requirements for speech intelligibility and room dampening according to DIN 18041 and for areas with emergency announcements according to DIN EN 60849 and VDE 0828
  • Simulation calculations and metrological checks of the key parameters for room acoustics and electroacoustics