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First MRI on a cruise ship

The cruise ship “Genting Dream“ which was built for Dream Cruises on the Meyer Werft is the first cruise ship which is equipped with an MRI ever. This offers an allover medical check on-board for the passengers.

To secure a failure-free operation of the MRI-system of Hitachi Medical Systems the MR-device is installed on top of an active isolated platform against the ship’s movement. Thus, the vibration related specifications of the MRI could be fulfilled and at the same time a sufficient structure-borne sound insulation into directly adjacent sound sensitive rooms next to the MRI room could be avoided.

The MR-team of our office which is leading in the acoustical consultancy for MRI-installations determined - under controlling interest of our managing director Wilfried Wieland - the vibration related specifications of the MR-system in advance, detected the significant impacts with measurements on a similar cruise ship, specified the necessary improvement measures and suggested potential suppliers for the active vibration insulation.

As soon as the MRI was installed the efficiency of the installation was furthermore optimized together with the supplier of the active vibration isolation during a cruise offshore so that the first MRI-system on a cruise ship is fully operational and was accepted by the shipping company.