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Measuring instruments

Sound level analyzers

Room acoustics analyzers

Sound intensity measurement technology

16-channel structure-borne sound, oscillation and vibration measurement system

Stand-alone long-term vibration monitoring with video recording and alarm activation

Electrodynamic shaker for technical vibration tests

Wood strength measurement technology

Thermographic cameras

Computer-aided airtightness measurement system with multiple fans for blower door measurements at large buildings


Data loggers and computer-aided continuous measuring device for air temperature, humidity, flow rates and CO2 concentration

Integrated comfort level measurement system for light, temperature, humidity, airflow, CO2 and sound level

Material moisture measurement technology

Illuminance and luminance measurement system

Horicatcher to digitize the local horizon and shadowing situation

Drilling equipment for taking core samples



Calculations according to EnEV and DIN 18599

Transient 3D material moisture calculations

2D/3D thermal bridge calculations

Sun position/shading calculation

Indoor climate and flow simulations

Smoke extraction simulations

Photorealistic daylight simulations

Room acoustics simulations with auralization

Noise immission control forecasts

Vibration isolation

MS Office, CAD programs